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 Bitcoin’s kosher competitor

Bitcoin’s kosher competitor

The Bank of Israel has spread information about a new coin appearing this month. It will be possible to mine it, buy it and receive it as a bonus for purchases in stores.

The currency will be called BitCoen with the price of 1$ for each unit. So far, it is unclear how much cryptocurrency will be issued in total. It is only known that at the time of the launch of this bitcoin analogue, about 3 million BEN coins will be given to investors. The largest investor of the new currency was the Israeli government.

What is the difference?

For the new currency to replace bitcoin, it must have some serious advantages. For now it’s the network capacity. The developers claim that the new currency can conduct up to 25 thousand transactions in 1 second. BitCoen fully complies with the legal framework of Israel, it is not tied to any other blockchain projects, it can not be stolen or faked, it is transparent and absolutely anonymous: that is, the state and other structures can monitor the currency movement, but without personal identification of users.

In addition, it will have its own mobile wallet, a wide ATM network, it will be allocated additionally, as part of loyalty programs and also have a number of online and offline tools for marketing and business.

There is a possibility that this new currency could someday become the national currency of Israel.

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