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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

TransCrypt Will Exhibit at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

TransCrypt Will Exhibit at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

TransCrypt, the company which developed the useful application for any kind of transactions, will take part in the exhibition during the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel on March 28.

TransCrypt is the decentralized payment platform which gives an opportunity to make money operations both in national and cryptocurrency convenient and secure. TransCrypt enables people to make transactions in any currency and from any place in the world.

Having its own payment system and the Tizer blockchain, TransCrypt makes it possible to carry out transactions fast, easy and for free. TransCrypt is also planning to develop a solution for businesses that will ensure merchants that accepting any currency will not affect their balance sheets.

The main goal of the company is to make the access to technology as fast and simple as possible, and to broaden the boundaries of cryptocurrency use. If you are interested what more innovations TransCrypt has recently developed, visit the exhibition area of the conference.

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