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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

Results 2018

Joshua Scigala

CEO and co-founder of Vaultoro

I had a wonderful time and also had lots of good feedback from my talk. Many people really enjoyed it and had a lot of questions and comments about both our business but also the talk on robots taking future work from humans. 

I would most definitely love to be part of future events.

David Woliner

Head of Financial Regulation at Nir Porat & Co. Law Firm

Thank you for your compliments! I must say I enjoyed attending your event and all lectures I heard were very interesting! The fact that many people still attended my panel although it was the last one on the agenda speaks for itself! Thank you for having me! I hope we can cooperate on the future

All the best David

Joseph F Borg

WH Partners, Senior Advisor, Co-Founder and Vice-President at Bitmalta.

I was impressed by the attendance, and particularly for the interest in the EXPO. It provided some great networking oppoertunities.

Meni Rosenfeld

Chairman at Israeli Bitcoin Association

Thank you, it was interesting to participate.