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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

Participants of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel: experts of TOP 25 Influencers In Blockchain

Participants of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel: experts of TOP 25 Influencers In Blockchain

Experts included into the ‘Top 25 Israeli Influencers In Blockchain Technologies And Cryptocurrencies’ list will speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. Along with other participants, they will discuss the impact of blockchain and tokenization on the banking industry.

Meni Rosenfeld, Israeli Bitcoin Association

Meni Rosenfeld has been leading the IBA, Israeli bitcoin association, since its foundation in 2013. He arranged operations of Israel’s first bitcoin exchange service in 2011. At the conference, he will talk about development prospects of the banking industry affected by blockchain.

Maya Zehavi, QED-it

Maya Zehavi is the Vice-President of QED-it, a company offering confidential programs for distributed ledger technologies. She has been focusing on blockchain issues for many years and is the head of Business Development for Coin Sciences. The speaker has an experience in banking IT, private investment, and blockchain technologies. She will tell the audience about development prospects of banking operations in the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency integration. Maya Zehavi is also CEO & Co-founder of Ontici.

Noam Copel, DAV Foundation

Noam Copel is CEO at DAV Foundation, a blockchain project developing a digital network aimed at uniting unmanned vehicles. He is an investor quite familiar with blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and encrypting. Noam Copel will talk about various types of tokens, such as Currency tokens, Utility tokens, Asset tokens, Equity tokens and others, as well as give examples of each group. His presentation topic: How to value a token?

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel will take place in Tel Aviv on March 28, 2018. Its participants and attendees will include blockchain and cryptocurrency experts as well as business and government representatives.

They will discuss blockchain innovations in the banking sector, the relation between decentralization and artificial intelligence, IBM business solutions based on blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency legislative regulation.

Besides, attendees will be able to listen to a panel discussion involving keynote speakers and to visit an exhibition area where exhibitors will introduce their products in the format of pitch session.

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